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Kids Yoga Games

play, create, laugh, learn

6 Awesome Cooperative Classroom Games: Contains a variety of games for different grade levels.

6 Awesome Cooperative Classroom Games

Musical Hearts: Simple valentine's day game for kids, easy to adapt to yoga inspired activities

Musical Hearts - Valentine's Day Game

21 Kids Yoga Games to energize your classes - breathing games, cooperative games, mindfulness games and more

Yoga Games | Yoga In My School

Heart’s Hide ’n Seek is a great Valentine's Yoga game that get kids listening intently and using their heart and intuition as they feel instead of see

Toe-ga Kids Yoga Sorting Game develops early math skills, color recognition & foot dexterity. Kids LOVE playing Toe-ga!

  • Evita Estrellita

    When I press I can't see anything :S Is there any way I can see how the activity works?

Have fun playing this Kids Yoga Game "Going to the Beach" from www.childrensyoga...

Going to the Beach Yoga Game | Children's Yoga Books Blog

Body Chalk Board is a wonderful game - portable, adaptable, any size group, any body part - get drawing & have fun!

Sending Joy: change the world one positive thought at a time. "If you listen hard you'll feel someone far away sending you love" More Yoga Games at

Yoga Obstacle Course

The Kids Yoga Resource: Yoga Games

Sea Shells is a fun, energetic yoga game that kids ask for again & again. Easily adaptable to various themes you'll use this one often. For more yoga games visit

Ball pass is a fun game where children only use their feet. Using differently textured balls makes it a great sensory activity as well. Check out the #YIMS Yoga Games Page for more fun #kidsyoga games

Giant Yoga Board Game is a fab outdoor yoga inspired game that will keep everyone moving. Perfect for parties or summer camps! Find more yoga games at

Yoga Jenga - always a favorite! Transform a regular jenga game into a yoga superstar - kids (& teens) will request it again & again

Explore shapes with the new yoga game Lost My Shape - fab fun with a group!

Musical Mats combines musical chairs with yoga in a fun, non-competitive game kids love. Crank the tunes and get on your mat!