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thats what best friends are for

Tartiflette, an Italian comfort food. Potato, cheese, cream and sausage. Yep.

Real cucumber sandwiches @ Paleo Palate

  • Lady PK

    "Real cucumber sandwiches: Peel the cucumber and scoop out the seeds with a tea spoon. Relish: one carrot, one stalk of celery, one green onion, a handful of flat leaf parsley, juice of one lime, the scooped out seeds of the cucumber (one), one tbs olive oil, dash of salt, pepper, and Aleppo chili (or cayenne). Blend 5 second in the mixer to keep it chunky. Taste it and add more lime juice or a splash of vinegar if it is not tangy enough. Slice a chicken breast in thin strips and grill/saute/pan fry them with just a bit of salt and pepper. Place the cucumber on a plate and scoop some of the relish in it to level it, add the grilled chicken strip, scoop some more relish in the middle on top of the chicken and cover it all with the other part of the cucumber. The whole thing can be juicy, so eat it over a plate. When taken for a lunch, just keep it all separate until it's time to eat and build them on the spot. Bon Appaelotit!" -- Paleo Palate

  • Ken Hartman

    Sounds and looks yummy. Hope my daughter sees this since it is Paleo.

One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis cake mold LOL

If Celebrities moved to've GOT to click through these! I can't stop crying!! Tom cruise is the best!!!

{Peanut Butter Balls} Like Oreo Balls, but better ... made with crushed nutter butters and cream cheese then dipped in chocolate.

Give The Gift Of Wooden Spoons with pictures drawn by your children! (It's Cooler Than You Think)

Please Never Advertise Free Dogs & Cats. A word of caution, to advertise on any list or website "free dog/cat" is taking a huge risk with your animal. There are many unsavory people that will sell your pet for medical research, use them as bait dogs/cats or just the sick individuals that enjoy abusing animals. It is a harsh reality, but one that everyone should be aware of. It is best to network amongst friends or rescue groups to place an unwanted animal. Please share this information.

  • Nancy Burris

    I am NOT kidding.....I just do not see why people are so can we allow this to happen????????????????