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Mind Body, Intelligence

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Benefits of Chlorophyll-•Enhances energy •Detoxifies the liver •Eliminates body odor and bad breath •Cleans the digestive tract •Aides in the prevention of liver cancer •Is beneficial in all cancer therapy •Helps with anemia •Aides in the elimination of mold from the body

Mind Body Intelligence

I love adding a carrot to my smoothies, and it goes well with the orange & apple. Easy to make - chop carrot up, peel orange, slice apple - throw all in a blender with about 1/2 cup water, blend. Sometimes I even add some greens (kale or spinach).

Tried it. loved it! there is even 7 day, 14 day and 21 day to try out. Those are next. Three days is easy, a little work for prepping the fancier recipes, but you could choose to make easier recipes. The feeling of a fresh mind and clean body is wonderful and I recommend it. I especially love how I feel after drinking a tall glass of fresh squeezed juice. So much energy!

Hippocrates Health Institute's Way of Using Food as Medicine. Sprouts are powerhouses of nutrition. Depending on the seed, they are anywhere from 10 to 30 times more nutritious than the best organic vegetables you can grow in the best organic soil in your yard. #healing #health #holistic