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Interracial Love

I am an expert and journalist on interracial love. This board is for people who are interested in interracial relationships and want more information.

I Love Lucy. first interracial couple ....first couple to sleep in the same bed on t v , first lady to be prego's on t v

i read these when i was little.

One of my favourite actors, Michael Caine, and wife Shakira Baksh, 1973

Michael Caine Photo: Michael Caine and his wife, Shakira, 1973

look at how cute Thandie Newton's kids are.

My book, Coven of the Courtesan, has some swirl action going on. On #Kobo for free for the next few days! #books #witches #NewYork #interracial

#Interracial relationships. Absolutely!

Witch, Clairvoyant, Alchemist, & Author

To this day the kiss between Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett at the end of the movie, Strange Days, is still hot as hell. #interracial

  • Kathryn

    Yes!!Yes!!Yes!!!...I was very disappointed that my 2000 new years kiss was not as hot as this.

Actor Chris Noth Discusses His Interracial Marriage & Being a Sex Symbol

I applaud Cheerios for standing by their very cute, interracial ad! #interracial

Hate talk won't derail mixed-race Cheerios ad

May Roger Ebert RIP. He always had a beautiful relationship with his wife, Chaz. Last year he wrote about their love!

Tina Turner is marrying her boo of 27 years! Woot! #love #relationships #interracial

Tina Turner to Marry Edwin Bach

In Halle Berry baby daddy news. PS- Her and Oliver look good together. That dress!