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Yonanas Recipes

These recipes utilize a variety of ingredients including fruits, nuts, chocolate and even wine, but simply banana Yonanas is our most basic recipe. Bananas give Yonanas that smooth and creamy ice-cream like texture. As you continue to experiment you will see that the bananas take on the flavors of the ingredients you add. Enjoy!

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Yonanas Recipes

  • 50 Pins

Nuts for pistachios?! Try this creamy, sweet Pistachio #Yonanas recipe. | Banana Ice Cream

Don't limit your #CaramelAppleDay celebrations to apples on a stick! Try this creamy, dairy-free Caramel Apple Yonanas soft-serve made with 100% fruit. #bananaicecream

Caramel Apple Yonanas | Yonanas

Lemon Raspberry #Yonanas | Banana Ice Cream

Lemon Raspberry Yonanas | Yonanas

Blueberry Pomegranate #Yonanas Recipe | Banana Ice Cream

Blueberry Pomegranate Yonanas | Yonanas

Orange Whip #Yonanas Recipe | Banana Ice Cream

Orange Whip Yonanas | Yonanas

Cookies & Cream #Yonanas Recipe | Banana Ice Cream

Cookies & Cream Yonanas | Yonanas

Perfectly Peach #Yonanas Recipe | Banana Ice Cream

Perfectly Peach Yonanas | Yonanas

Key Lime #Yonanas Recipe

Yonanas | Key Lime Yonanas | Yonanas

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with this Cherry #Yonanas Recipe!

Yonanas | Cherry Yonanas | Yonanas

Green Tea #Yonanas Recipe

Yonanas | Green Tea Yonanas | Yonanas

Happy #RockyRoad Day! Recreate this chocolate marshmallow lovers favorite with #yonanas! Rocky Road Yonanas Recipe: 1) Insert 2 frozen bananas coated with ¾ T of cocoa powder into yonanas. 2) Stir in 1 T each of Ricemellow Creme, Chocolate Chips Almonds (Sub in your favorite nuts if you prefer)

Chocolate #Yonanas

Chocolate Yonanas | North America

Peach Blueberry #Yonanas Recipe

Peach Blueberry Yonanas | North America

Celebrate #NationalStrawberryDay with this Strawberry Pistachio Terrine recipe! #strawberry #pistachio #terrine

Strawberry Pistachio Terrine | North America

Berry Chocolate Zin #Yonanas

Berry Chocolate Zin Yonanas | North America

Orange Whip #Yonanas

Orange Whip Yonanas | North America

Mixed Berry #Yonanas Recipe

Mixed Berry Yonanas | North America

Coffee Chocolate Chip #Yonanas Recipe

Coffee Chocolate Chip Yonanas | North America

Mint Chocolate Chip #Yonanas

Mint Chocolate Chip Yonanas | North America
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Lemon Raspberry #Yonanas

Banana Ice Cream Maker & Recipes | Yonanas

Bittersweet Dark Chocolate #Yonanas

Banana Ice Cream Maker & Recipes | Yonanas

Strawberry #Yonanas

Banana Ice Cream Maker & Recipes | Yonanas

Mixed Berry #Yonanas

Yonanas | Mixed Berry Yonanas | North America

Summer Melon #Yonanas

Summer Melon Yonanas | North America

Chocolate Coconut #Yonanas

Chocolate Coconut Yonanas | North America