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Yonanas Recipes

These recipes utilize a variety of ingredients including fruits, nuts, chocolate and even wine, but simply banana Yonanas is our most basic recipe. Bananas give Yonanas that smooth and creamy ice-cream like texture. As you continue to experiment you will see that the bananas take on the flavors of the ingredients you add. Enjoy!

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with this Cherry #Yonanas Recipe!

Yonanas | Cherry Yonanas | Yonanas

Green Tea #Yonanas Recipe

Yonanas | Green Tea Yonanas | Yonanas

Happy #RockyRoad Day! Recreate this chocolate marshmallow lovers favorite with #yonanas! Rocky Road Yonanas Recipe: 1) Insert 2 frozen bananas coated with ¾ T of cocoa powder into yonanas. 2) Stir in 1 T each of Ricemellow Creme, Chocolate Chips Almonds (Sub in your favorite nuts if you prefer)

Chocolate #Yonanas

Chocolate Yonanas | North America

Peach Blueberry #Yonanas Recipe

Peach Blueberry Yonanas | North America

Berry Chocolate Zin #Yonanas

Berry Chocolate Zin Yonanas | North America

Mixed Berry #Yonanas Recipe

Mixed Berry Yonanas | North America

Coffee Chocolate Chip #Yonanas Recipe

Coffee Chocolate Chip Yonanas | North America

Bittersweet Dark Chocolate #Yonanas

Banana Ice Cream Maker & Recipes | Yonanas

Summer Melon #Yonanas

Summer Melon Yonanas | North America

Orange Whip #Yonanas

Orange Whip Yonanas | North America

Chocolate Raspberry #Yonanas

Chocolate Raspberry Yonanas | North America

Yonanas | Pecan Pie Yonanas | North America

Perfectly Peach #Yonanas

Perfectly Peach Yonanas | North America