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Peeps Contest

2012 contest under way. Details here:

2013: Peepball machine. Everyone is in line, waiting to buy a peepball at the parade!

2013: Indiana Peeps. Indiana Peeps narrowly escapes the Headhunters of Easter Island. His fellow travelers, however, are not as lucky...

2013: Tween Peepover. My girls, ages 7 and 11, wanted to participate this year. Our theme is a tween sleepover; complete with spa makeovers, magazines, and a Justin 'Peeper' poster.

2013: Zombie Peeps vs. Easter Bunnies Egg Hunt Gone Dead. Entering this for my 9-year-old daughter Breyana. She likes Zombies like her Daddy so she came up with this Zombie Peeps vs. Easter bunnies! Love all the little details like the toothpick bow & arrow, egg bomb basket and the "blood & scars" she painted herself.

2013: Chillin' with my peeps at the beach Beach scene designed by 6 year old Bryn Smeltzer, there is a mermaid peep and peeps reading and relaxing in the sand.

2013: The Walking Peep. Based from my favorite TV show the Walking Dead. I credit the idea to the show that's on AMC. The left is Merle, The Govenor, and Andrea. The middle is Zombie Peep Bunnies. To the right is Rick, Daryl, Carl, and Miconne.

2013: Peeping through the decade dancing. This was a class project created with collective imagination of the LIU Life Skills class at Dallastown High School. We wanted to celebrate 60 years of Peeps using a favorite theme of music & dance. The 1953 Peep is doing a jitterbugs, 1963 time to twist, 73 is disco, 83 the worm, 93 electric slide, 03 single ladies, and last but not least 2013 Psy Peepin in Gangnam Style!

2013: Peeps-Supported Agriculture. Fresh, locally-grown food is trending everywhere, including in the marshmallow community. Peeps shop at the roadside market while other Peeps work on the farm.

2013: Feed My Peeps. The food pantry staff and volunteers at the Red Lion Area Community Services, Inc., 15 First Avenue Red Lion PA 17356, prepare and distribute groceries and Easter Bags of Blessings for nearly 200 households, summer lunches for more than 100 children, and life-skills classes throughout the year. [design and artwork by volunteer Beate' Ervin]

2012 Title: Peeps vs. Zombies Description: Plants vs. Zombies is an obsession at our house, so the theme of our diorama was a foregone conclusion. Somehow having your brains by marshmallow zombies doesn't sound all that bad. PS I can't take total credit for this. My daughter, Carly, was a wonderful consultant.

2012 Title: karaoke night at PEEPSA HUT (check the lyrics) Description: The peeps have gone out to PEEPSA HUT for a night of karaoke fun. Peepina is currently on stage singing Adele's "Rolling in the PEEP". Made by my ten year old daughter, April Marion and myself.

2012 Title: Peeping Day-Hunger Games Description: Created with my 11 year old daughter Lily Stockbridge who loves The Hunger Games trilogy. Our creation features Katniss and Prim Everdeen in the center with "Peepkeepers". Effie Trinket is on the stage with the mayor and Haymitch drawing the names of the district 12 tributes while the district looks on.

  • Professor

    I think I choked laughing at how awesome this is.

  • Claire Monte

    Its wrong the boys are on the other side!!!!!!! Do it right lol im in the hunger games fandom so yeah sowie!!

  • Kaitlyn Ridley

    Not only are the boys and girls switched, but Effie should be drawing the names while Haymitch sits.. Sorry I just finished the trilogy so I realize details

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2012 Title: The Mupeep Movie Description: This diorama, created by muppet lovers Jennifer Weitkamp and Erin Goodling, depicts a scene from The Muppet Movie, where the muppets hold a telethon in order to raise funds to save the Muppet Theater. Kermit sings The Rainbow Connection and his friends join him on stage to support him. Included in the diorama are Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy, The Swedish Chef, Gary, Walter, and many more of their muppet friends.

2012 Title: Peeps Gone WILD! Description: These Peeps have had a WILD party, take a look at their teenage- young adult-party-like fanatics!

2012 Title: Peep Scouts Description: For the 100th Celebration of the Girl Scouts, We created the "Peep Scouts". Daisy peeps, Brownie peeps and Junior peeps are participating in the flag ceremony.

2012 Title: The Peeper Games Description:  In this scene from "The Peeper Games", Katniss Everdeen and a nearly dead Peeta are escaping the capitol muttations. Katniss is fighting them off with her bow and arrow. Details include Cato's body parts all over the ground, berries on ...