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The Madonna of the Magnificat detail, 1483-85 Sandro Botticelli. It is housed in the Uffizi, Florence.

This is the Vatican insignia representing a “sede vacante” (vacant see). The emblem is used between the death (or resignation) of a pope and the election of a new one — a period known as the interregnum. The Holy See will be considered vacant at 8 p.m. in Rome Feb. 28, the official time of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. CNS illustration/Tim Meko

Why do Catholics genuflect? ...Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. Greet Him; honor Him.

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The Holy Father reciting Divine Office together with his brother Georg

When I lay dying, call a Priest. And at my Requiem Mass, do not "celebrate my life" (that's for the Wake or the reception afterwards); please pray for my soul, and for the only life that truly matters-- life with God forever. Remember that the Requiem Mass, like the Nuptial Mass, like the Ordination Mass, and indeed any Mass at all, is all about Christ, and not about me.

Bl. Pope JPII sings the Ave Maria...WOW! I had NO idea he could sing like this!

The Vienna Coronation Gospels represent one of the most beautiful manuscripts of the Middle Ages and a major work of court art at the time of Charlemagne. The book consists of 236 purple-dyed vellum leaves with text written in gold and silver ink. Each of the four Gospels begins with a painted portrait of the respective Evangelist. Ca. 800-1200 AD

(Link): The Holy House of Loreto. In 1291, when the Crusaders lost control over the Holy Land, our Lord decided to send angels to protect his Holy House (the same house where the Archangel visited Mary, where the Word became flesh), and gave them the order to move the house to a secure place.“Take the Holy House to a secure place, far away from the hatred of my enemies of this land where I was born. Raise it above to the air where no one can reach it. May no one see it.” Amazing miracles!

"I have a Rosary...and I'm not afraid to use it!"

“Once you feel the attraction to remain in the silence of adoration in God’s presence, you must give yourself entirely to the Holy Spirit and remain there in pure faith. If God gives you no feeling, no sentiment, no distinct thought, just be there before Him in silent love. During such moments He operates insensibly in the soul and does more for her perfection than she could in a lifetime by her own thoughts.” ~ Blessed Columba Marmion