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Making of Nothing

Nothing reminds you to enjoy everything you already have. Working on it for a while now. Love to show you my progress.

Displays looking sharp. #stores #makingof

Okay, sometimes new toys are just too good to be true. You got me there.

Sealed deal. #makingof #stores

Trying out this display in stores. #makingof #learning

No. 261-360 ready to remind you of everything you already have.

Nothing turning 360.

Wood stock

Happy having No. 213-215 in store at the lovely @Rena @ Hear Hear in Amsterdam.

Hitting big numbers.

No. 175-184 heading for UK, Canada, Spain, US and Germany.

Paint job well done.

Working on No. 151-250. Looking good so far.

Almost ready for departure.

Late night packing thanks to a post on the great

Already sentimental about the 90's.

Feels good to have these ones in stock.

Happy having No. 091-150 ready for paint.

Heavy metal.

Cool order from Norway.

More of less.

Happy mailing from Curated.

Liking the looks of No.051-090.

All first 050 items destined for a new home.

Blocking sleep with my dad. 051 - 090 in the making.

Got featured on Digg yesterday. Time to collect new wood.