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Have made one of these... Very cute , especially if you paint a design in the top dish. Make sure to use concrete caulk to adhere the pots to one another.

Work a bag of dry concrete mix into the soil where stone is to sit, lay stone, water it all in so it sets just like Jello only harder!

Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse

Raised planter box along fence that doubles as a bench. Also brackets for hanging plants

Homemade Insecticidal Soap - Growing vegetables without using pesticide.

Raised Garden Beds: Mixed a bunch of theories and practices... Sheet mulching; layer in greens, dried stuff, soil, and whatever available, letting it compost in place, adding soil on top and planting. Hugelkultur, which is burrying a pile of wood, covering with green stuff and soil and planting over it. Wood becomes a slow compost source and also a reservoir of water for dry months. Raised beds in themselves have a bunch of plusses...

A garden shed made of 4 old doors! Off to habitat to do some door shopping!!!

Gardening Tips for beginners- 7 pages to read! Don't waste more time and $ on failures!

I may just turn my husband back into a potato farmer :D I'm sure he'll love me for that!! Vertical potato 'garden' - 4 lbs. of seed potatoes can produce 25 lbs. of eating potatos - amazing!! Gotta try this!! (You could also use a plastic laundry basket from your Dollar Store, etc.) EASY harvesting!

DIY Drip Irrigation System, Made from Plastic Bottles. The 'system' is super simple. All we have to do is grab some 2-liter plastic bottles, punch 2 holes into the sides and 2 into the bottom, and plant said bottles next to our plants. Fill them with water and our plants will get that slow watering they prefer. For more information about the project, visit Fine Craft Guild.

Check out this handy planting chart!