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Inspiring Things

I'm Sherry from Young House Love. Here's one of about ten places that I hoard inspiration. Come on into my crazy mind and make yourself at home! (Psst- I try to link all my photos to the original source whenever possible - so check the link or caption for that info... and please share sources if I have it wrong/can't pin it down!)

Gorgeous wall color for a bedroom with light and tailored furniture.

La Dolce Vita: Color Crush: Turquoise
  • Tees For Your Head

    I love the look of a dark bedroom, and I wake up with the sun. We painted our bedroom a rich chocolate to see if that would help keep me asleep, and it does. But now we're thinking of repainting with a lighter color because it's a bit murky during the day in our north-facing bedroom! Just something to consider.

  • Rebecca Baley Snook

    Looks like my BM Champion Cobalt on our dining room walls. Love your inspiration pic!

  • Meredith Heron

    Orrr you could all ask me as it's my bedroom. The wall colour is St Boniface by Para Paints which was just purchased by Sherwin Williams!!!

  • Sherry @ Young House Love

    Ahh, I love it Meredith! Thanks so much for the info!!!

  • Blanca Garcia

    Yay! Thanks!

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{DIY} Gold Polka Dots | Using Decals from A Thoughtful Place

A Thoughtful Place: {DIY} Gold Polka Dots | Using Decals

So gorgeous and meaningful (Mon carnet)

Love these DIY neon gift bows

DIY neon paper gift bows | How About Orange

OBSESSED. (two 1960s Egg-Shaped Easy Chairs in Rattan)

Two 1960s Egg-Shaped Easy Chairs in Rattan |

I love this use for a leftover baby mattress. So smart!

  • Sarah Carpenter

    Looks more like a twin bed hanging.My left over baby bed mattress sure isn't this big.Or could be mattress out of sleeper in semi

  • Tara Johnson

    I love it! Can see myself reading and having tea! :)

  • Animasaun Gbotemi

    you could keep a close watch on your sleeping baby while writing or reading

  • Brandy Owens

    Sherry, we built a modified version of the plan to fit our leftover crib mattress and it has been my absolute favorite project ever. We're novices but the construction is so straightforward that y'all would have it put together in no time. There's a pic on my Outside board I think!

  • marty marston

    great idea!

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Love this nursery!

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Really cute homemade magnets from:

How to Make Non-Obnoxious Alphabet Magnets - NEON FRESH
  • Kelsey Myking

    Have you had trouble finding magnets that stick on your stainless fridge? That was such a bummer to discover.

  • Sherry @ Young House Love

    I hear some fridges aren't magnetic and others are ( we have a Frigidaire and they stick well). Hope it helps!

LOVE this elegant but not too serious chair (and the gray-washed wood).

I love this DIY poster tutorial by How About Orange

DIY posters with cut-out lettering | How About Orange

Gorgeous. (Brass Pollen ball mobile finnish himmeli sculpture by meginsherry)

Gorgeous leather DIY handle from The Brick House

Amazing oak to espresso finished cabinet idea from: www.monicawantsit...

  • Jodi Ball Rose

    I did this on 2 bathroom vanities. It was easy peasy.

  • Bridget W

    I'm in the middle of doing this right now!!! So excited to see how it turns out...and it is super easy!

  • Roxanne Fugate

    Thank you!!! I've been wondering how to get this look for my kitchen! Great job!!

  • Trucker Classifieds

    One of these things is not like the other..

  • Nathalie Guimond

    I love the way the cabinets turned out in your pics. I have been wanting to do something with my cabinets and this is the best idea i have come across...i will try it out in my bathroom first and go from there...thanks a bunch for sharing! I also joined your site as there is a great deal of wonderful ideas there

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Adorable drawer liner project (reminds me of C's dresser in her room). From here: www.blueeyedyonde...

Sneak a Peek - DirektPress Göteborg
  • Judith Bowman

    Just what I needed!

  • Meredith Baldwin

    I did this in my kitchen several months ago but when I was done I covered it in clear contact paper. That way if there is a spill of some sort I can just wipe it off.

  • Katie Soule

    Great idea @Meredith Baldwin! I did this with an old dresser I redid; there are so many contact papers out too to make it an easy job with that.

  • Ingrid Fontana

    What a great idea! I wanted to paint in turquoise a wooden table with drawers and cover them with fabric .. but will do so with a mixture of turquoise, wood and fabric ... fantastic!

  • Megan Leonard

    nice idea I am going to do that thank you so much!!

Such a cute project from here: www.littlebitfunk...

Little Bit Funky: painting wooden spoons!

White kitchen dreaminess from:

  • Deana Wood Hendrickson

    Love this white kitchen. White kitchen is my favorite...use to have one. I love the marble the open cabinet drawers...had that too. I'm not complaining....really.

  • Shelley Rowland

    oooooh calcutta marble! Not so sure i spelled it right, but i want it!!!

  • Jami Oscherwitz

    One day, I will have my white kitchen again!!! I SO miss it. I find the dark cabinets incredibly oppressive. I also love the black floor.

  • Mary Burns

    One day I will have these cabinets too, one day!

Amazing pet portraits by Joe Vivilecchia from here: www.sitstaypainte...

Sit. Stay. Painted. Gallery
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Awesome painting by Kristen. She takes commissions if you're not up for DIYing stuff! From here: kfddesigns.blogsp...

Kristen F. Davis Designs: Canvas Painting
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Sweet homemade art with a toothpaste cap from here: poindextr.wordpre...

wine cork stamps
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Love this project (I already own the stamps from Michaels) found here: www.lemonademakin...

Lemonade Makin' Mama: Found. Pinned. Made. Done.
  • Jane Morgan

    I just love those stamps - any hints on the name of them??

  • Joan Bandy

    I don't have an herb garden, but love this idea! SO cute. I'm a font addict. Love the natural, loved look to it.

  • Deanna Cook

    I have stamps like these, I found them at Walmart in the craft section.

  • Cilla Cochran

    I have a set from Hobby Lobby. they came in a round package.

  • Bernadette Merikle

    Loved these (the project and the stamps) and made them in under 31 minutes

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Such a fun party look from here: www.solandrachel....

Sol and Rachel do a Blog: Little Man Mustache Bash Decorations
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Fun skewer dying trick from here:

Mini Banana Cupcakes