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Instagram handtags and grandma gowns!

When life gives you lemons..... The back of the shirts said Lemonade

Cat Ladies

Two cabins - Tailgating. They actually grilled hot dogs!

Pink Girl Math Nerds.

Melted Crayons - Hot glue the crayons to the shirts then melt them with a hairdryer.

The Office


80's exercise ladies

#1 FANS. Cardboard fans taped to a ball cap.

Crossing Guards

Mechanics - Thrift store shirts, cut-off sleeves.

Party Animals. Party hats, animal noses.

Words With Friends - cardstock letters were hung around their neck.

Bingo playing old ladies

Taco Bell Hot Sauce. Lots of body paint.

Dragon. Painted white material, plastic tubing for sides, cardboard box head.

Troll dolls. Each girl had a 2 liter or small water bottle as the base of their hair--and lots of hair dye/spray!

Party in the USA - lots of red, white and blue!

Disney Tourists--lots of disney shirts, hats, backpacks, etc

Lax Bros - with sticks