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Baked Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe (A Table For Two)

The Japanese cheesecake takes a different texture direction again. This recipe uses cornstarch and eggs for a very smooth, dense consistency and appearance.

Asian cheesecakes are lighter and more cake-like in texture than western versions, and tend to be less sugary. Unusual flavours include green tea, lychee and mango,

The Polish version of cheesecake, ‘sernik’, uses quark cheese like the German variety. Sernik is rich and dense, and remains one of the most popular sweet dishes in Poland.

The German Käsekuchen cheesecake uses quark cheese for a firm, smooth texture. This version combines sweet and sour flavours and melts in the mouth!

Cheesecakes in the UK, like Australia and New Zealand, are based on a refrigerated cream-cheese filling on a biscuit base. This is often topped with fruit syrup toppings, and also comes in flavours such as banoffee pie or white chocolate.

Bit of a different one here! Greek Tiropita is made using phyllo pastry wrapped around a cheese and egg filling, and is a popular breakfast or lunchtime snack.

The French cheesecake is a lighter, slimmer affair than most others. It is created using French Neufchatel cheese from the Normandy region, which gives it a distinctive flavour and texture.

In Italy, cheesecakes are created from mascarpone or ricotta cheese. The result is a drier texture than American cakes, and might include small pieces of candied fruit.

The Swedish cheesecake, or ‘Ostkaka’ is subtly flavoured with bitter almonds, and is created by forming a batter from coagulated milk, cream, eggs, sugar and almonds. This mixture is then baked and allowed to cool before serving with jam, cream, fruits or ice cream.

As with most North American cheesecakes, the classic New York recipe is a baked cake using heavy cream, cream cheese and eggs. The result is a firm, rich consistency and delicious brown crust, perfect served with a tangy fruit compote or chocolate drizzle. Often remembered as a highlight of New York holidays!