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Yumbox Lunch Packing

Yumbox is not just a bento box. It's a lunchbox that makes it easy to optimize your child's nutritional health. Pack healthy, balanced and portion controlled meals on the go in a snap. If you pack Yumboxes and would like to share your creations with others, please write to to be invited to this board.

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Trofie pasta salad with peas, bacon, parmesan cheese and olive oil. On a side we have baby carrots, grapes and little square of chocolate for dessert. Colorful healthy eating! #packedlunch #schoolLunch #Yumbox

Soaking in those last days of summer. Yumbox Beach Picnics are a great way to eat well when outdoors. I packed smoked turkey sandwiches, figs, goat cheese stuffed peppers, olives, peaches, gouda cheese cubes, garden tomatoes and basil. Love eating well and for cheap at the beach. #Yumbox

Yumbox Panino Pomodoro Red. One 2 cup sandwich/salad-friendly section, two 1/2 cup servings plus a 1 oz. dip/treat well. Ideal for kids and adults.

New Yumbox Panino Anguria Pink - Leakproof, sandwich & salad friendly bento for kids and adults. Pack balanced healthy meals for work and school. No waste, reusable, kid-friendly.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Sun lounging #Yumbox lunch filled with cabbage/ carrot/ celery salad, avocado, gravlax salmon slices, alfalfa sprouts, dark bread, berries and pistachios. Lunch packed in Yumbox Panino in Anguria Pink. Now available at and Amazon.

The Lucky Lunchbox/ Frog lunch in the new Yumbox Panino @Yumbox

Yumbox BTS 2014 Giveaway Sweepstakes. Win a Yumbox and $100! Perfect way to try our new upgraded design and the sandwich friendly Yumbox Panino. For more details visit

Yumbox Panino lunch with seasonal roasted tomatoes, tuna panino, capers, green peppers, wedge of pecorino cheese, berries, fresh coconut and toasted hazelnuts. Simple, healthy eating is ideal for hot summer days. #healthylunch #Yumbox #weightloss

Yumbox lunch with leftover sesame chicken, sticky rice balls stuffed with broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, apple, vanilla yogurt and Haribo candy

Yumbox Fall 2014 Color Range. Which one is your favorite color?

#MeatlessMonday #Yumbox lunch in the new Yumbox Panino in Anguria Pink. Here I packed 2.5 cups of spiced rice pilaf, masala chickpeas, fresh mango slices and cucumbers with yogurt dip.

Heart-y Happy Nuts

Keep it simple, yet pretty! This Yumbox packed lunch has organic ham, gouda cheese stars, wholewheat bread, persian cucumbers, apple, banana chips and the Laughing Cow cheese.

Find out HOW to get your toddler to come to the table and stay there for a meal...

Yumbox Tray Thali Yumbox will be available in the UK & Ireland from late June 2014 via

Frozen Yumbox preschool lunch with easy cheese Olaf!

Eats Amazing - Star themed Yumbox lunch

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Meatless Monday Yumbox with pesto-ricotta-pine nuts ravioli, arugula with beet confetti and carrots, melon and kiwi cubes, roasted pine nuts and raisin bun. #Yumbox #Schoollunch