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Rainbow Recipes

Taste the rainbow

Perfect Vanilla Layer Cake from Askanam

Rainbow Cupcakes (from CosmoCookie)

  • Kristin Lyscas

    Can you send me the recipe?

  • Allison Balser

    For these you just need to split the (normal) cupcake batter into different "batches" and then add a different color off food dye to each batch. Then you layer them into the pan how ever you want.

  • Jesse Roberts

    @Allison j.d.m Balser...thanks for the tip. These are perfect for special occasions.

  • Allison Balser

    @Jesse j.d.m No problem! my sister likes to bake and she showed ne how to make these!

  • Jesse Roberts

    lucky to have a Baker in the family :-)

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Rainbow Popsicles (from Kitchen Corners)