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(gif) This is what you see when you kneel, forever repin. ------> OMIGOSH I CANT TAKE IT * DIES*

Golden Girls!! love love them!! they were smokin back in the day!

Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

tom hiddleston/loki god of mischief ♥

outdoor lounger for two

The Zero Gravity Hammock Chair will have you floating through dreamland

First, middle or last born? I'm an only for sure

sex toys at yard sales

funny tumblr comments

Precious German Shepherd Puppy - A Place to Love Dogs

All Abaut Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. My dream dog. I will have one someday.

Pasta with Tomato Cream Amazing! Add chicken, add shrimp, add nothing, this recipe is SOLID.

Oh, how perfect Tyler Knott Gregson is.

Dryad. In Greek mythology, the dryads are female spirits of nature (nymphs), who preside over the groves and forests. Each one is born with a certain tree over which she watches. A dryad either lives in a tree, in which case she is called a hamadryad, or close to it. The lives of the dryads are connected with that of the trees; should the tree perish, then she dies with it. If this is caused by a mortal, the gods will punish him for that deed.

•♥•♥•gяєєк ℳγтℋ⚬ℓ⚬gγ•♥•♥• Medusa was the only one of the three Gorgons who was mortal, so Perseus was able to slay her while looking at the reflection from the mirrored shield he received from Athena. During that time, Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. When Perseus beheaded her, Pegasus, a winged horse, and Chrysaor, a golden sword-wielding giant, sprang from her body.

Oceanid Greek mythology love how feisty she is

Danae & Perseus in Greek Mythology. By Svetlin Vassilev

Love of the Goddess: Asteria, Greek Goddess of the Stars