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Make your own nature stones. Rainy day activity! Collect leaves, nuts, seed heads; press into home-made salt-dough and bake in oven. Paint or varnish.

Salt painting. Make a glue design on dark paper, coat with salt, gently touch the salt with water/food color on a paintbrush and it spreads... so fun!

Dr Seuss Handprint Lorax Earth Day Craft

FIREWORKS!! Dip your pipe cleaner in the paint and stamp away!

Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculptures, these dragonflies and more made using twigs and maple seeds and other found items. It would be fun to give kids a bag and go for a walk to find things to come home and make so fun things. Nature walk and art project all in one.

Create a Celery Stamped Card ...the stamp looks like roses. Would make a cute Valentines Day card.

If I lived in a snow globe... two paper plates, a ziplock bag, hole punches and construction paper.

{Capture This Moment :: Autumn Hand Print Tree} Cute craft to go along with "Why Do Leaves Change Colors?" book.