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Living With MS...

I was diagnosed in 2004 with MS. It has been a life changing experience. I am an activist with the Lonestar Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Austin, Tx. I advocate for those living with chronic illness. I believe in my lifetime, a cure will be found! HOPE is what I live with everyday! GET INVOLVED! I bet you know someone who has it!

Stem Cell Risk. How safe are adult stem cells in treating disease?

My friend Claire, explaining how you can raise awareness about adult stem cell therapy!

FDA Has Seized Control of Your Stem Cells

Patients for Stem Cells | It is our right to access our own stem cells for potential life saving therapies.

Cowgirl boots for Adult Stem Cell Therapy for MS!

My 1st adult stem cell infusion of 200mil adMSC cowgirl boots! Living with MS

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is like walking around barefoot, always worried your going to step on this!!!

Jack Osbourne's Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis 'Is Not A Death Sentence' Says Doctor | Radar Online

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum Finish Line for the BP MS 150 Houston 2 Austin 2012

BP MS150 Houston 2 Austin 2012 Largest ride in the country!

My good friend David Rankin and his wife Debrah...Helped to change insurance laws in the state of Texas! David is living with MS

Fight like a girl!

Multiple Sclerosis Advocates at the Texas State Capital! I'm in the back row!

Orange is the new pink bracelet! Living with MS

What does MS mean to me? Monster living inside me.....

  • Lisa Jorgenson

    I miss being able to put on mascara .. my hand shakes too much to put it on my left eye

  • Jennifer Ziegler

    I know it's different for all of us....I constantly battle the heat down here in Texas. Even in the winter!

March 12-20, 2012!

Dr. Oz Talks About Stress and Multiple Sclerosis