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DIY: super-easy zentangle drawing project

Totally Easy Zentangle - Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Ask open ended questions-- Seek to find how fascinating the people around you are by really relating.

And few will ever fight as hard for anything as I have had, to do this.

travel is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer

Something I'm trying to learn

This is one of the most passive-aggressive, unhealthy quotes I've seen. Use your words people! Use your words! Expecting people to read your mind leads to frustration and disappointment.

Do great things in a small way

Inspirational words and motivational quotes

Work by Jan Brewerton titled 'Scent of Seville'

Artwork by Jan Brewerton | Prints

Page: Still life Reslicitando Artist: Remedios Varo Completion Date: 1963 Style: Surrealism Genre: still life - the encyclopedia of painting

Peaches & Pots still life by Irish artist Graham Knuttel

Snow Queen Book illustration

The Snow Queen, Errol le Cain

Illustration by Terry Runyan, © Terry Runyan 2012