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The Dark Side

WARNING: VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!! Contains all kinds of pictures from the dark side of the world! Serial killers, crime scenes, suicides. The stuff nightmares are made of!

Sandi Dawn Nieves was 34 when she murdered her four daughters, ages 5, 7, 11, and 12, in Saugus, California, on June 30, 1998, by setting fire to her house. The girls died of smoke inhalation. Nieves told police she killed her children to get even with the men in her life. Her son survived the fire. She was sentenced to death on October 6, 2000.

Photos: Women awaiting execution

LUPE VELEZ~ In the mid-1940s she became pregnant with Harald Maresch's child, but he refused to marry her. This is the reason she gave for taking her own life with 80 Seconal pills. Her note read: “To Harald: May God forgive you and forgive me, too; but I prefer to take my life away and our baby's, before I bring him with shame, or killin' him. Lupe.”

People Found Living with Dead Bodies

14 People Who Were Found Living with Dead Bodies

True that!!

A reporter who wrote stories about serial killers. Vlado Tanevski, 56, had been charged with two murders and suspected of up to two more when he killed himself.

This guy decided to steal his dead girlfriends body and take selfies with her corpse and then post them on social media outlets! REALLY????

After watching the movie Warlock 10 times, 14-year-old Sandy Charles of Saskatchewan killed an eight-year-old boy by stabbing him with a knife and then beating him with a beer bottle and a rock. After killing the boy, Charles cut strips of skin from his victim and boiled them down. Warlock claimed that if you drank boiled-down fat from a virgin, it would give you the power to fly. Charles wanted to fly.

Suicidal cut throat. Notice the hesitation marks around the wound. Slitting your own throat is very uncommon in suicides, it is almost always homicidal (or accidental, depending on the circumstances)

▶ Budd Dwyer live suicide :: Actual real LIVE footage of Budd Dwyer take a revolver to his mouth and ending his life. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

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The favorite infographic of Hannibal Lecter, fabulous, insanly interesting! Left click on photo to enlarge.

Eldad Hagar, The Savior Of Homeless Dogs |

On December 29, 1856, Martha Bacon of Lambeth, London, took a butcher’s knife and brutally murdered her two young children, slashing their throats almost to the point of decapitation. After being questioned by police, she claimed that the murders were committed by a crazed intruder. The evidence did not back up her claims, and she was found guilty of murder by reason of insanity. She spent the rest of her life in a high-security mental hospital, using her spare time to knit children’s clothes.

Louise Peete was a convicted American murderer. She married four times, each of her husbands committed suicide. She was accused of murder in early 1900s but was acquitted convincing the court that the death was in self defence. In 1920 she was imprisoned for life for murder only to be released 18 years later. She became a housekeeper for an elderly couple but was convicted and sentenced to death for their murder. She died in the gas chamber at San Quentin in 1947. She was 66 years old.

Louise Peete - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia