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Love this idea for teaching students how to work in groups!

Store: Liz-Olrich -

Toy Story 3 Trailer (Horror Re-Cut) play it with just sound no video then have them watch the whole thing and ask them to reflect. (The mood & tone intro & they come to see differences

Positive self-talk shield Could also do assertive statements or ways to respond to teasing

▶ My Blog: When BFFs Go Bad (Responsibility in a Digital World) - YouTube

▶ My Blog: 5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety - YouTube

My Blog: 5 Ways to Respectfully Disagree

Do-A-Dot Color Match Place one dot in each circle/box below the colored circle of the same color. ~TRIPLE whammy!! color matching, one to one correspondence, fine motor~

The Princess and the Tot

Common forms of faulty thinking. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a scientifically proven therapy effective for thoughts and behaviors associated with depression, anxiety, and other common mental health concerns.

From the book Worksheets! for Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills by Michelle Garcia Winner

Toys are Tools: Review+Giveaway: Social Thinking Conference: Cutting Edge Treatment for Kids with Social Smarts Deficits

Michelle Garcia Winner video demonstrating Social Thinking therapy Social Thinking - Part 1

Teaching Social Thinking & Social Memory

The Hard Truth About Social Memory

The Student's Guide To Proper Social Media Etiquette - great need to directly teach!!!

The Student's Guide To Proper Social Media Etiquette | Edudemic

Expected And Unexpected Behaviors. There are many videos on YouTube to show expected and unexpected behaviors from Michelle Garcia-Winner's Social Thinking

Crabby Little Girl- Lucy has a case of Grump-Grumpaniny. At the end as she uses her inner coach.

Video: Being part of a group: Flummox and Friends. Talking in conversations

Whole Body Listening activities

Holy Moly Whole Body Listening

Tattle poster - Do I need to tell the teacher? Yes/No list. Love this!

The Silver Lining: Tattle Poster - FREEBIE!

SLPrunner : Thought Box for kids who blurt

SLPrunner : Thought Box