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A few more views of the 1930 Henderson motorcycle. This thing is absolutely incredible.

1930 Henderson Motorcycle

Still sharp with a full rear fender! Is this a BSA?

Yellow numbers on an old Norton. I've seen a few of these lately and like the look.

1983 BMW R65. I have considered a vintage WWII armed forces look and this bike is another tally on that mental checklist.

1983 BMW R65 "Veille École"

1974 Honda CB125. Funky colors but looks great nonetheless. Must read the article about how they ended up painting it purple...

1974 Honda CB125 - Uprising 149

350cc Royal Enfield. It's almost impossible to go black/yellow without looking like a wasp but I love it. This tank is really good looking.

Yamaha SR250. I really like the checkered seat and the weird orange/red color. I also feel like this one leans more toward the "short and stocky" even though it doesn't have an air box.

"The Badger" Love the name and the simplicity of this motorcycle. Classic.

Honda CB550. Very slick looking bike, the only thing that doesn't grab me is that taillight. It looks too much like a self destruct or a nuclear launch button.

Killer CB450. Interesting tail/seat set up. Haven't seen one quite like this.