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Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!!

“Now, I’m going to hold up some photographic illusions, and I want you to say the first word that comes to your mind.”

The hardest decision to make!

Rugby ya'll. Come on.

The smile makes it funnier.

-Loki does an Old Spice ad

im not afraid to pin the truth

I'll be your princess!!!!! 0__0

‘My job is to find sympathy where society refuses to. People like Loki are often locked up and judged and reviled—and rightfully, kind of, chastised and castigated and lionised. My job is to find the humanity in him. Ultimately, underneath all of Loki’s hatefulness and spite is a lost child. I have to get underneath the skin of that. He’s just someone who is so lacking in self-esteem, all he needs is true affection, I guess.’ - Tom Hiddleston

Poor Tom :P

Little did he know...