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Love cannot be measured by how long you wait; it's about how well you understand why you are waiting

Love cannot be measured

OH MY GUSH, YES!!!!!!!!

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Very true - The Meta Picture

Very true - The Meta Picture

If you have someone you love you wont give up that is worth fighting for.

The Couples That Are Meant To Be..

Ain't that the truth! summer lover quotes - Google Search

Boy oh Boy !!! This needs to be written down on little sheets of paper scattered about my house, be the wallpaper on my iPhone, become the screensaver on my laptop, stuck to my dashboard in the car, and last but not least, tattooed on my FOREHEAD so I can read and repeat this all day every day! LOL - But I am really serious!

No, I don't have a huge rock on my finger, but the ring I have was carefully thought through and is incredibly precious and close to my heart. It symbolizes our decision to be lifetime pioneers. No, I didn't have an elaborate wedding, but I promised to spend my life with an amazing man, and I got to share that with my friends and family, with simple food and music. What else could I want?