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A child's skull, before their milk teeth fall out.

Caramel Apple Ice Cream

Manatee superheroes! Saving the world with cuteness! #fanart

Inevitable Betrayal -- Firefly Serenity

Calvin & Hobbes -- Jayne Cobb & Malcolm Reynolds -- Firefly Serenity

these photos offer us a glimpse of Earth from the International Space Station. As the ISS circles Earth at roughly 17,000 miles per hour, Flight Engineer Don Pettit takes 30-second exposures with a stock digital camera, then stacks those exposures into single frames that capture 10-15 minutes on the ISS. The rotation is fast enough for long exposures to blur the earth into gilded landing strip beneath a steady rain of stars

Phases of the moon, Geomantie’ (Geomancy) - Codex Palatinus 833 Germanicus

Hungry for Knowledge: Brains Made of Food

Geek or Nerd...that is the question...