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The Zen Organized Life

This board presents in time and space the ideas, illustrations and products that help make a life Zen Organized. Had I been able to put photos in any of my nine books on getting/staying organized I would have used these images. This Board is my passion.

I like to keep the area under the bed open and free. It's a Feng Shui principle. But if you do need to use it this is a nice idea. I'd prefer to keep out of season shoes here however so I didn't have to bend over or get down on my knees to get a pair of shoes. That could get really old and then you'll find yourself leaving your shoes out and voila! clutter.

Home Tour: Little M's Nursery

This piece of furniture reminds me of a comment my housekeeper made years ago: "Regina, if your furniture were on wheels every time I come here it would all be in a new location!" I am afraid she's right! Do you get attached to placement or do you like to shake things up?

birch & lily, Set Design

I've been in a few kitchens during my career where the shelving was minimized in order to make room for a big picture window. In a case like that the dishes and glasses can't live next to the sink so one choice is to plop them into a deep drawer that's close to the sink. I really dislike having to walk across the room for something so basic! I'd use this design for my 'good' china or a second set.

This Space Saving Spice Rack clearly makes great use of available space. I'm sure sure I could live with that busy visual but it would depend on placement. How do you feel about it?

Top 5 Space Saving Spice Racks for your Tiny Kitchen

If you have folding doors or sliding doors take them off and use curtains like this or the roll up variety. It will save you time and energy! IKEA Pax wardrobe with curtains - a "walk-in closet." Via Chezerbey

I had Forbidden Rice for the first time about a year ago and it knocked my socks off! Imagine ending a day of organizing by presenting yourself and your family with a 'forbidden' meal to celebrate.

sarahsjoys | Family, Food, Faith, Fun

Use a shower curtain rod to hang cleaning supplies. While I admit this looks clever has anyone had any experience with it? Do bottles stay in place? Are they easily knocked off? I'd love to know how efficient it is!

Little Bit Funky: feeling smart.

Before and After Cord Organization ~ using washi tape. I have to admit this might make me crazy because the visual is a little busy for my taste. However if it makes life easier for you then go for it!

Cord Labels - The Chic Site

Cheddar, Broccoli, and Barley Sweet Potatoes | #myplate #vegetable ~ Beautiful meal on organizing day!

Cheddar, Broccoli, and Barley Sweet Potatoes |

Large Rectangular Chevron Crunch Can by Umbra®. These have so many uses! Store toys in them. Use them in the trunk of your car. Pop one in the pantry for storage of kitchen related items (paper products, anyone?) You are limited only by your imagination.

If I were consulting on this design I'd leave that mid section for more drawers or files. I'd place the desk along the left wall so that I could look up and see who was entering and also look out the window with ease. I never sit with my back to the door ~ not even when dining in a restaurant!

Creative Bike Storage • A round-up of the best bike storage we could find with many tutorials!

While I'd never have sugar in my personal pantry much less a jar that size this image shows the beauty of glass containers and clear labels. I also love the combination of glass with baskets. What does your pantry look like?

Pantry Makeover!!! | Not JUST A Housewife

This is a baking pantry in a cabinet. No matter how you arrange items in your kitchen be sure you keep categories together. This image demonstrates how creative you can be.

Jenny Steffens Hobick: Baking Pantry in a Cabinet

I can't deny that I am a freak for Chalkboard paint. Here's a wonderful example how to use it. Be sure you have chalk on hand so everyone can make note of supplies that need to be replenished. Have you used chalkboard paint in your home?

Decorate | Lauren Conrad

I love that everything is off the floor and in a container but without labels how will you know what's inside? Make big labels on your computer or attach a photo of the content category. Retrieval should not be left to guess work!

About the Monkey Bars System - Organizing Pros

Small spaces can be tricked out for maximum use. I can see anyone enjoying this space. I'm claustrophobic so I like the generous space above your head when you get into bed. If I can reach up and touch the ceiling I won't ever relax!

Hornby Island Caravans