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The Zen Organized Life

This board presents in time and space the ideas, illustrations and products that help make a life Zen Organized. Had I been able to put photos in any of my nine books on getting/staying organized I would have used these images. This Board is my passion.

New things are out on the market to help you care for your pets -- download the Pet First Aid app and try the Voyce tracker collar. healthypets.merco...

"Pet First Aid" and "Voyce" to Take Care of Your Pets

This Pottery Barn backyard book nook may be a bit fanciful for the average person but creating a special place for children to enjoy books is a universal need.

A Fresh Outdoor Book Nook Reveal - pottery barn kids

One Year to an Organized Life: My Blog Has Moved!

One Year to an Organized Life: My Blog Has Moved!

10 tips from a professional organizer - Chatelaine

10 tips from a professional organizer - Chatelaine

The fire and lamp light are so inviting! I might not be able to live in such a small space all year long but it would certainly provide a romantic weekend.

15 Summer Cabin Escapes

To live in a space this tiny even for a weekend requires that you pare down to the true essentials.

Uncommon Goods to the rescue!

The Zen Organizer

I just invited one of these glorious creatures into my tiny kitchen entry. It's splash of color peeks out daring you to smile! You organize your outdoor area just like you do your home. Do it with thought, a plan and a dash of whimsy!

Great Garden Combo: Tropical Beauties for a Sun-Drenched Border

What I love about this photo is that each child has the same space for storage, living and creativity. Remember to be fair because let's face it sharing a room is no picnic.

Single Design Moves That Can Transform a Child’s Room

I love this Zen visual! A place for everything and everything in its place. We tend to think the garage or the attic or basement or shed aren't important and can tumble into chaos. Every area we occupy is part of our whole experience.

Home messy home: 6 reasons you can't get organized. It's an honor to be featured on! This article tackles my favorite aspect of getting organized: why is it difficult? Enjoy.

Why can't you get organized? 6 reasons you're doing it wrong

Having trouble getting organized? Persevere for the thrill of a job well done, a skill mastered and a new way of operating in time space.

Stairway far from the entry door: good Feng Shui! The energy doesn't fly up a staircase. It is free to meander like a river throughout the home.

Let's get organized! Don't let the clutter be the glue that binds you to a present experience that no longer feeds your Soul.

This floor looks like a flowing river. What great Feng Shui!

5 Healing Plants for the Home.

5 Healing Plants for the Home

Evening walks help kids mellow out and process their day

Family Time: After Dinner Walks - Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting

Seagrass Bench #potterybarn ~ Benches help out all over a home. They give you a place to sit before you leave the house. They provide extra seating for a party. They allow you space to park items like groceries while you hang your coat.

Seagrass Bench | Pottery Barn