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This Upper Cretaceous specimen is a superb specimen of Shenodiscus lenticulares. It comes from the U.S. badlands, Fox Hills formation, South Dakota. The collector was also the preparator in this case and took great pride in this work of art.

"FOUR MONKEYS": The whimsically titled image actually shows a cross-section of a reed plant. The large green-ringed cells belong to the phloem, a vascular tissue that transports the sugars created by photosynthesis

Lily Anther, Still Alive Using a new microscopy technique, scientists can see living cells clearly without the need to stain them, a process which usually kills the cells. These cells are from a lily anther, the pollen-carrying reproductive portion of the flower. University of Sheffield

Fractal art ~original works by Terrye Bradford


  • Caryn Wesner-Early

    There's sort of a Victorian feel to this one, although I'm not sure whether I'm thinking wallpaper, upholstery, or what.