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Bon Appetit!

Do you have a mini gourmet foodie on your hands? Would your little one rather be in the kitchen than any other room in the house? Use this board as stomping grounds to chat about ways to encourage classic creative play. Together we’ll slice, dice, season, cook and serve up some good old fashion foodie fun. Let’s Lasso the Moon is proud to co-host this group board with and

30+ Dinosaur Activities, Crafts, and Books for Kids *saving this for later. great collection of ideas.

30+ Awesome Dinosaur Activities for Kids … ROAR!

Children can learn so much in the kitchen. Try these 5 ideas for you to enjoy time together cooking. |

Mini Cooks: A recipe for success - Home - Pars Caeli

Johnny Appleseed Day is March 11th -- celebrate with these crafts & recipes to make with the kids! :-)

Johnny Appleseed Recipes and Crafts - Inner Child Food

Here are some inspiring story books to read to (or with) your child that feature kids playing an active role in the cooking process, or expl...

5 Story Books About Kids in the Kitchen - Inner Child Food

AWESOME TIP: Play Simon Says while you bake with kids. *Instead of saying no over and over you can use this simple game to make it fun...

Teach kids practical skills and get them helping in the kitchen.

Ten Ways Kids Can Help in the Kitchen - What Do We Do All Day?

Little chefs deserve to prep their meals with a "personal" touch!

  • Sûrvï Agãrwål

    This is Great! I would love to be a part of this Board! Please add me so that i can pin some nice food pictures :D Thank You

What did YOU pack your child for lunch? #feltfood #yummmm

Felt Play Food - Sandwich Set

how to make a doll cake (& other sweet fairy party treats!)
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{Cat in the Hat Fruit "Popsicles"} How cute are these? Thanks to Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons for the adorable & healthy idea.

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons: Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Fruit Snack!

{What awesome suggestions for making the cake educational} "The cake is great for hand/eye development. This includes 20 mix n match toppings and is made of high quality wood. But this cake is different as well and not just for pretend play. It will teach your child educational skills as well like learning patterns. For instance. The toppings have three different patterns on them, a rose, bouquet and a heart. You can actually place these face down and have a blast playing the match game..."

  • Polly Neill

    Zina- haven't seen you in ages! Tell me if I'm getting paranoid: I'm really concerned about the near- obsession with academics that I am seeing from parents of very young children on pinterest. I made a comment about letting a child just discover what a material could do, instead of making shapes and I was called down. One parent saying they have to be ready for the DIAL-R at age 3. I know the DIAL and all those other screening instruments very well - oh don't even get me started - I am incoherent on the subject of standardized tests at all ages! Anyway - I know you have a reasonable head - help me out. or email at

  • Nancy Vereen

    I believe that the work of young children is playing. That is how they learn.

  • Zina Harrington

    I have to agree with Nancy, their work is play. I always loved that about Montessori. Actually that's also one of the reasons I like so many of these M&D food toys. It let's us learn while we play... restaurant for example. We learn about taking an order (writing), counting the cookies, etc. I like this because you are also interacting with the child. For me personally some of the issues I have with parents pushing learning is more with technology (little kids using apps and so on). I've seen a baby bouncer with a place to click in an iPhone. That is too much for me. Polly it is always lovely to see you around Pinterest. Trust me, parent here are lucky to have you as a mentor.