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The Parent Water Cooler

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Frozen Erupting Snow! An awesome sensory activity for your little Frozen fans!

An app that give us tips on ways to calm down when we're angry, or lift us up when we feel like bad moms. It's pretty brilliant if you as me.

“How often do we parents tell children why it’s important to sleep? ‘Time for bed!’ is usually the end of it. No wonder children regard sleep as vaguely punitive. But of course sleep is so much more, and maybe we ought to try telling children that.” Do you teach your children the benefits of sleep?

  • Mary-Jane Loves

    It's finally sunk in with Mr 6! My night owl is morally opposed to sleep at a time most children would though (she's 4). She knows why... She just doesn't care :/

  • Sherri Rainbolt Pressley

    My child has a hard time giving into sleep and often seems sad. I teach him to listen to his body and if he is tired, sleep, hungry, then eat, etc.

25 Alternatives to 'Good Job' - breaking the habit of hollow praise with a free prntable list of alternatives

Glow in the Dark Silly Putty! Awesome Fun for kids of all ages!

Long trip planned? Check out this Road Trip Playlist for songs that your kids will love, and that won't make you lose your mind! Includes artists such as Jack Johnson and The Barenaked Ladies

Soft as a Cloud Playdough..only 2 ingredients required for this super FUN activity!

How to make Homemade Snow..using Household ingredients! Great for the Frozen fans!

Survive (and Enjoy) Your Next Family Road Trip: Great vacation tips for parents *#10 cracks me up. are you traveling this summer?

A year's worth of book club picks: No worries, just plug this list into your calendar, grab some wine and get together with friends! Mom time! What beach read are you delving into this month?

Parenting: Perfect or Principled? It really is time to let go of the feeling that we need to be perfect. What principles are most important to your parenting?

Melted crayon rocks are THE BEST! Such a fun art activity and so beautiful! Have you tried it with your kids yet?

I came up with these 5 Summer Laundry Tips as part of a sponsored giveaway campaign. Do you use any of these 5 "tips" for your laundry? #3 is critical for me!

Is your kid obsessed with stuffed animals like mine is? Love this: Collect memories, not things: Best idea ever for avoiding the constant plea for toys from the gift shop during outings!

Mindfulness Meditation: Thoughts on Paying Attention Do you worry about your child's ability to pay attention?

Have you tried this melting ice science experiment with your kids yet? Educational and beautiful!

Fantastic list - minimum packing for maximum play! 10 great campsite activities | Young & Younger

Have you listened to this new podcast for Busy Moms? Check out AMPlify Your Life Episode 1

Mod Podge Fairy and Fairy House - made with the new Collage Clay and Mod Melts from @Plaid Crafts - so fun to work with! Drop by this post for an awesome giveaway, too! Sponsored post. What have you made recently? #plaidcrafts #modpodge