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Kick Ass Consciousness

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.

We are all made of Star Stuff. Do not fear death, for it did not bother you for the billions of years before you came to be and will not bother you once you cease to be. So go out and make the best of your life. Be kind to others and strive to be awesome. You have no need for gods. You are better now than any god has ever been.

One day we you will be consumed....why wait?

We Are Made of Star Stuff – Carl Sagan [Pic]

please tell that to nikki minaj and all of th epeople going for the shock factor instead of pure talent. LOVE YOU ADELE! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST

Nikki Minaj

I see light when there's dark When all things fail I'm ready to embark I see happiness when I know people are in a better a place They think I'm crazy when tears aren't running down my face You may think I'm alone Oh please no pity, I take pride in the feeling I can see the things no one else is seeing

#Life is like the #ocean..... ~ #quote


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"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." - Saul Bass

Rachel Greene Bass — Saul Bass

Just lie in the grass and look at the clouds...

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This is sorta how I feel. I want to do what I WANT with my life, not what I'm supposed to do.

I dont care about being understood, i care about being loved anyway, thats the rarest of all. INTJ: i want to be understood. INFJ: Dont try to understand me because you never will,just tell me you love me. #INFJ

A quote that describes the one who is worth the wait ♥ Hold out for that remarkable connection and your path will intersect with true love.

Love Pioneer / Insight ♥

theprotip: Relationship tips here

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It's not my fault! It's in my DNA (and it doesn't help that everyone else just can't do things right)!

Quotes and Images

Quotes and Images

i stole everything i ever heard, but mostly i stole from the horns. • ella fitzgerald ;o)


I am not a victim of anything. I will stand behind everything I have ever done. Plain & Simple! I'm proud of who I am, big enough to stay out of a situation that I do not have a part in and smart enough to smile and look the other way even when they want me to be included! NO reaction!!! Let the curiosity and assumption take your place! Living my life and being happy is the key! ✌

Strong Woman

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Everything around you will change...its up to you if you want to be part of the change or be left behind....

⚜Ƒɽєɲʗɧ ʗouɲʈɽƴ ʗɧaɽm

I would like to take this moment to thank you, bull-shitters who cheat off my tests, assholes who treat me like shit and divas who spend more time fixing their hair than breathing... ♥ Thank you :)