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Only the very finest in Advertising, Compositing, Motion Graphics, and all things that stimulate the retinas.

212 Pins


  • 212 Pins

A Unique Stage for a Unique Performance

for Metrafilms

Ford Transit

Nvidia - Inspired by Light » [FutureDeluxe]

Autofuss | Audi A3 Sportback

Nike Hypervenom: Mirrors ft. Neymar Jr.

Virtually Unconscious » [Iron Kinetics]

Designed and directed by Prodigal Pictures for SCI channel

Nike / Mercurial Superfly

IDENTITY - CGI Performance Visual Art Short » [Ryan Thompson]

A very short story about love, separation, and having to say goodbye. Instrumental - Teaser Trailer - Poster - Shot Breakdowns - Pitch - IMDB - Credits: Production: AURORA-LAB - / Vimeo Channel - Title: AURORAS - short film / ...

While OFFF on Tour has been growing, this year we had our second special stop: OFFF Saint Petersburg. Not only we are proud of The Mill being part of OFFF family for many years now, but we also have the honor to present to you their golden work and this time it’s OFFF Saint Petersburg Main Titles. We warn you that you will be replaying this video for a while because every time you watch it you’ll discover something brilliant —Our eyes couldn’t get enough of ...

Hello there! Today is a big day for us, after years of hard work and astonishing projects, we present to you our very first studio reel! For the content occasion, we are celebrating it with an awesome cel animated intro of ourself going bonkers. Have fun and enjoy it! Original Sound Design for the Intro: Smider Music Reel: Siriusmo "Einmal in der Woche schreien" (Monkeytown Records) only used for this website and with no commercial ...

  • David Bland

    Amazing work! Would love to know how you did the cell animations! Simply gorgeous!

Concept by Serkin For Freeger Digital

"A visual metaphor of the positive and negative aspects of humanity, and its path on Earth." Official website: Facebook: Contact: Story: “This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.” - TS ELLIOTT Transience reflects the condition of every being in the universe seen through a sensitive, intellectual or even felt experience. Even further, what humanity can’t ...

Crazy Pixel art short film / animation

Dress Code

Western Civilization is an animated poem written by Peter Jay Shippy and Directed/Animated by Alicia Reece of NEIGHBOR ( It was one of many short films to debut at the 2014 Motionpoems premier. Written by: Peter Jay Shippy Directed & Animated by: Alicia Reece (motiongnome) Lettering & Lead Actor: Emory Allen Make-up: Ashley Burke Music: Joey Verskotzi Additional Animation: Valerie Lockhart

I worked as the VFX Supervisor in collaboration with the live action director Henry Hobson on this great TV promo for science channel

Adamas Rings on Vimeo

Definitely, a dream come true! Here you have the OFFF 2009 Main Titles from Prologue (by Kyle Cooper, Ilya Abulhanov and Elizabeth Newman). By far, the best one's ever!!!

2014 | Brooklyn, NY CREDITS Creative & Art Director: Freddy Arenas Design & Animation: Freddy Arenas Senior Producer: Zena Barakat Sound Design: Jocelyn Gonzales

ADVANCED TRUTH ~ An experimental film depicting notions of the future, the internet, the VR experience and for whatever reason ~ More info here: www.limbicnation.... Concept, Art Direction & Animation: Gero Doll / Limbicnation Music and Sound design by Olivier Girardot Thanks to Monomango for the coworking space! PROCESS: Some Models by David Oreilly www.davidoreilly.... and Vince Mckelvie ...

Pause Fest 2014 ID - Colony Collapse Disorder on Vimeo