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Laugh Now, Sandwich Board Wearing Monkey by Banksy

Laugh Now Sandwich Board Wearing Monkey by Banksy

Мишки Тедди ручной работы: поросенок Пиглс. Handmade.


"American Horror Story" recently released a teaser for "Coven" season 3. It features girls facing a wall floating in the air. It reminded me of a still that I posted some time ago of a performance by German dancer, choreographer Pina Bausch's 1977 piece called “Blaubart” ("Bluebeard”). Did AHS borrow this concept and story line from Pina?? Can't wait to find out!! (Left) A still from Pina Bausch's "Blaubart" performance. (Right) A screenshot from the "American Horror Story" promo video.