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  • Kathy Tyrrell

    Looks just like my 10 yr old kitty! 20 lbs and he gets plenty of exercise by wrestling with our 2 yr old pup. I also taught him how to run down the stairs to fetch his toys. Only feed him 3/4 of a cup of food each day, with minimal treats! Nothing wrong with him! Just a really big guy!!!

  • Cynthia Qayyum

    I had a really fat kitty too. I tried diet food, reducing the portions, everything. Nothing worked. He only finally lost weight when he got really old and his body started doing what old bodies do: shed pounds. Some cats are just fat, and it isn't necessarily due to abuse. I felt more abusive when I was dieting him and he was crying for food all the time because he was hungry.

  • Stephanie Ward

    Where's my remote?

  • Erin Helbig-Kollmeyer

    That is a Maine Coon. They are HUGE cats. He's not fat, just a big guy.

  • Debra (angelswhiskers) Creech

    so sad, so hard on his heart

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