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Los dinosaurios se comen al hombre

18 Pins

Henry Fairfield Osborn with fore and hind limbs of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs from Wyoming, 1899. © AMNH Library/Image #35044

John Sibbick

Mark Hallett

John Gurche

Drowning Centrosaurs, Michael Skrepnick

Chasmosaurus, Zdeněk Burian

Gigantosaurus, James Gurney.

Velociraptor atacando a un Protoceratops, Luis Rey.

Death of the Dinosaurs, Joe Tucciarone.

Oviraptors, James Gurney.

Tyrannosaurus, Raúl Martín.

Deinonychus, Raúl Martín.

Los iguanodontes del fondo. ♥




Zdeněk Burian otra vez.

Tarbosaurus, Zdeněk Burian