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[Glenn Close's] range, energy, originality, humor and intelligence merit serious Oscar attention. (Rolling Stone)

'Hugely enjoyable, utterly charming French romcom with a terrific script and fantastic performances from its two leads.'

'Erotic yet lyrical, graphic yet subtle, edgy yet uplifting, disturbing yet reassuring.'

'The wonderful cast manages to find nuggets of laughter, hope and sadness in a story about the notion that being older doesn't mean you lose your zest for life.


'Pedro Almodovar's Volver is amazingly bright, fresh and clean for a film dealing with murder, adultery, incest, malignant disease and the occasional supernatural apparition.'

'Bening brings such vitality to the role that she sweeps aside all the quibbles, and you have to sit back and enjoy what is a masterly performance by a great actor playing a great actor.'

'A clever and gorgeous-looking adaptation of the great novel which intricately combines theater and cinema.'

'A very different kind of love story, breaking taboos lightly, with sensitivity and humor.'

'It's one terrific film, as smart, thoughtful and emotionally involving as just about anything that's out there.'

'A fascinating and involving chamber piece for two superb actresses.'

'This isn't the first time Piaf's life has been brought to the screen and it probably won't be the last, but Cotillard makes this particular version stand apart.'

Paperman - Full Animated Short Film. Dying from cuteness

Seven Psychopaths

La Piel Que Habito, Almodovar

The full title "The best exotic marigold hotel for the elderly and the beautiful"... already made me smile...With a plethora of great British actors and actresses performing with all their art and very good dialogues, it mixes light drama, comedy and keeps the laughs coming. It sure does play on stereotypes of all kinds, from old age, racism, to a chaotic India battling western & traditional values, but it doesn't really matter because they are not too heavy and the whole thing is good hearted.