Paris in the snow! :) not usually a snow fan but would love to visit Paris in the snow

Rue du Mail, Paris.

linen lux by night / rue du mail, paris deco off Photo: LINEN & HEMP COMMUNITY. Rue de Mail in Paris decorated with lamp shadesy. Initiated by Club Masters of Linen in partnership with 29 ‘Editeurs’ and Paris Deco Off.

Nicest Things - Food, Interior, DIY: Kirsch-Glühwein-Fruchtgummi selber machen

Kirsch-Glühwein-Fruchtgummi selber machen

I was thinking and it'll be nice if I can take a special somebody to Paris one day(;

I was thinking and it'll be nice if I could go to Paris, put locks on the love locks bridge, and have my first macoroon or êclair in Paris. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to just say "Bonjour France" and climb up the Eiffel Tower.

Paris in the snow

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Paris

I just want to be super cliche and be sitting there with a coffee to go cup and a red scarf and mittens and furry coat and black boots and red lips too would be good.