Six stories of Native American warrior Women. My favorite was a healer and warrior Running Eagle Brown Weasel Woman, who fought alongside her husband, rescued him when he fell in battle, and then nursed him back to health. A talented, passionate person! #history #herstory

Running Eagle, aka Brown Weasel Woman, was a Blackfoot woman who rescued her father after his horse was shot by an enemy tribe.

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dynastylnoire: “ mortuus-lamia: “ This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Native American Clothing Contest Photo: Max Mcdonald ” OMG MY HEART!

You are viewing an unusual image of an Atsina Indian Crazy Dance. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The image shows an Indian Kissing another Indian. We have created this collection of images primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact

This page features a fascinating image of Indian Crazy Dance, and a nice collection of historic photos.