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Japanese Oakblue

Japanese Oakblue Butterfly - Arhopala japonica - is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. - It is found in Indochina, Japan, the Ryukyu Islands, the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan.

Clouded-Yellow Butterfly - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Clouded-Yellow Butterfly looks so dainty and coloring is soft to match


(A black and white butterfly on gorgeous salmon pink flowers.a stunning photo.) Butter-ful x


The blue Mormon. The blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor) is a large swallowtail butterfly found in South India and Sri Lanka.

Blue Butterfly

I think I need a butterfly room.


Like a woman in a gorgous gown.


Cocoon and Butterfly Cartoons. Butterfly and Bird Catoons. Caterpillar and Bird Cartoons. Butterfly and Caterpillar illustration. Butterfly and Caterpillar artworks. Butterfly, bird and Caterpillar Illustrations.

The 15 Most Colorful Perennials for your Yard

The 15 Most Colorful Perennials for Your Yard. Gorgeous colorful perennial options for adding color to your yard without planting every year. - Garden Tips and Tricks

Blues - very pretty

periwinkle moths: Beautiful Butterflies, Blue Butterflies, Polyommatus Icarus, Butterflies And Moth,

# Butterfly #

Spider-Lily and the butterfly [Papilio xuthus] 曼珠沙華とアゲハチョウ