Don't cry to night by Omar Gordillo Soto

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Don't cry to night by Omar Gordillo Soto. What I would GIVE to be able to draw like this! The tear drop is so realistic. I love it!

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Uncredited, black and white photo, human eye with eyelashes of branches and a crow.


reflection in an eye, with tear, sad, leaving, saying goodbye someone is walking away forever .

What if there was a tiny person inside each of us trying to get out? Who is the person we bury deep inside ourselves?

Eyes are the window to the soul. a soul that cannot escape the mind, a soul trapped in the darkness, trying to escape, screaming for help but no one hears and no on sees.

Blood tears...A vampire poem

My eyes glowed pink in furiation. My eyes were wet with tears from my broken heart. I was so stupid for trusting him with my secret. My eye color changed with my mood/emotion.

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this is a more creative take on the eye. Often, I just see people trying to make dewy, beautiful, commonplace, lackluster eyes with nothing exceptional to them.

Eyes are the best to draw! they are really fun to draw and this artist achieved a sense of originality. Love it!

Lentes de contacto con figura de reloj

Our eyes have been considered as the windows to the soul.While clicking a picture,we often focus on a subject's eyes.We have such images of eyes which will make you think of fantasy world filled with fairies.

For some reason I'm drawing a lot of eyes like for close ups of faces and things like that

The tiniest detail can make a drawing stand out. Just bad ass! Hyperrealism hyperrealism hyper realism realist sketch illustration of an eye emerald green iris credit to awesome artist!

another haunting strange but beautiful image

What if life is a constant déjà vu?

Funny pictures about Eye waterfall. Oh, and cool pics about Eye waterfall. Also, Eye waterfall photos.

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There's a saying that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Coloboma, a deformity that can happen in your eye, seems to, ironically, be linked to. Windows to the Soul

Jakarta-based Indonesian artist Veri Apriyatno's series titled The Witnesses reveals a lot more about a person's surroundings through the reflection of their eyes. Each hyperrealistic mixed media creation in the series (made with charcoal, pencil, and acrylics on canvas) presents an entire world within the gaze of a glistening eye.

Photorealistic Paintings of Eyes Reflecting Their Surroundings

Jakarta Indonesia based artist Veri Apriyatno uses charcoal, pencil, and acrylics to create photorealistic close-ups of eyes. In "The Witnesses," the figure's surroundings are shown through the reflection in their eyes.

Incredibly Detailed Hand-Cut Paper Art By Maude White

The Lidless Eye Tattoo Design this is one of those tattoos that it is impossible to tear your eyes away. Find out the meaning of eye tattoo, the meaning of this