Sioux War Pony Live horse painted by Karol Two Bear For the War Pony Project. I have a large fascination with seeing horses in war paint

Secretariat Triple Crown Anniversary Celebration/ I met this horse! What an amazing animal!

Secretariat shows his amazing stride in the 1973 Preakness Stakes. Ridden by jockey Ron Turcotte.

Seabiscuit - descendant of Man O' War - confirmation was less than perfect - used as a training horse to help Granville learn to win races - but he overcame the odds because Seabiscuit had the heart of a champion

Man o' War as a foal in 1917 One of my all time fave race horses. I don't know why, but I read a book on him over and over as a kid. Man O War as a foal 1917

American Ky derby winner and TRIPLE CROWN WINNER! The 37 years is over, and now there is a triple crown winner!

Affirmed Last horse to win the Triple Crown (kentucky derby, preakness stakes, belmont stakes).

Comparison of strides for these legendary race horses. Could be a great math lesson in finding angles.

American Pharoah, winner of the 2015 Kentucky Derby.Triple Crown Winner after winning the Preakness and at Belmont.

He had the heart of A Triple Crown were an amazing horse.LOVED his courageous story and wonderful owners who went above and beyond to make his life better after the injury! He fought a tough battle and was loved dearly!