Love the placement of this tattoo. I have piecing there so this could be one i get

Tattoo and Piercing Combination. Flower Tattoo with a piercing in the center on the ear

Inspirational Tattoo, Absolutely Love It! Everyone Needs To Read! But I think without the giant feather?

You've been given this life because you are strong enough to handle it. I would want it to say "because you are strong enough to live it" not handle it.


"A great tattoo is a statement." You don't need to fill up your skin in one go. Its about the journey;

I love this... :) Be sure when you get a tat with a time on it.. you pick the time you want to show. Make it mean something to you.. the tattoo artist should understand.

I would probably turn the film strip into a banner with wizard of oz quote and change roses to poppies and watch to heart

I like this. I think this would be cute for EnCOMPASSed....not as a tattoo, but on the wall or on a shirt or something.

'Before you ask which way to, go remember where you've been' compass tat. I like this idea for a tattoo!

17 Kick-Ass Vintage Photos Of Women With Tattoos

17 Kick-Ass Vintage Photos Of Women With Tattoos

17 Kick-Ass Vintage Photos Of Women With Tattoos Betty Broadbent, a well-known tattooed lady, at the New York World’s Fair,


Triple Helix Piercing (left ear) I LOVE this! I want it.


I'm in love with the septum, I want one so bad. And the dimples piercings I want

This Tattoo Is Epic

This Tattoo Is Epic

Alice in Wonderland leg sleeve, tattoo, ink, alices Adventures in Wonderland tattoo