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Step by step easy to follow guide to creating a cleaning schedule that works - totally custom to you and your homes needs so you have more time and less stress when it comes to cleaning your house

Step by Step Guide to creating a cleaning schedule that really works for you and how you live. Cleaning schedule tips and advice for success!

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42 Clever Ways To Binge Clean Your Entire Home - I could do one a week in addition to my regular cleaning just try try out each method!

Does Your Shower Have That Stinky Shower Funk? Here's How to Clean It Like a…

Does your shower have that stinky shower funk? As a busy mom of I can say that I am all too familiar with this smell. Here's how to clean it like a boss!

how to clean cookie sheets * make them sparkle

how to clean cookie sheets - Sprinkle cookie sheet with baking soda, spray on some hydrogen peroxide , let it sit for a few minutes then scrub with a brillo pad - CLEAN SPARKLING cookie sheet again!

How To Quickly And Efficiently Remove Pigmented Spots On Face

Pigmented spots on the face cause, undoubtedly, many troubles. To prepare the balm that will get rid of the face pigmented spots you need 50 grams of cherry pits. Crush the seeds hard shell and grind what’s inside. After you’ve crushed very well, put the

What a fantastic idea!!

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door. Great idea to hide the water heater. No more ugly, never touched water heater door.

Pantry storage on side of refrigerator

Kitchen pantry design ideas from easiest solution until DIY cabinet kitchen pantry design ideas. Cool kitchen pantry design ideas below are about how to create cool pantry for small living space, so there are saving spaces for another function.

craft room "murphy table" Great for a Craft or Hobby Room, Smart Spaces

a home must also have room to make things. A murphy table is pretty slick, actually, and would adapt well in the tiny house I live in already. This is genius -- craft room "murphy table" for a Craft or Hobby Room, Smart Spaces