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10 FUN (not boring!) Baby Shower Games

10+ Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games – you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em! I personally love ‘em. Baby shower games don’t have to be boring though, I promise. We’ve collected over 10 FUN baby shower games for you to pl

Cute idea for a Woodland Theme Birthday party, Baby Shower, etc. Printable woodland garlands - little dear tracks

Printable woodland garlands

Cute idea for a Woodland Theme Birthday party, Baby Shower, Baby's Nursery and so on. Printable woodland garlands - little dear tracks.

Name That Poo | 30 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

Here's your candy bar game mom. Hilarious game: Name That Poo! Individually melt 6 different kind of chocolate candy bars, and spoon them into 6 different diapers. Guests must guess which candy bar the diaper contains!

6 really awesome (non cheesy) baby shower games! MY FAVS: "Who Done It?" and "Who's Who?"

Fun baby shower games

Free Baby Shower Bingo Printable Cards for a Boy Baby Shower! What a perfect baby shower activity! See more baby shower ideas at CatchMyParty.com.

Free Baby Shower Bingo Printable Cards for a Boy Baby Shower

Free Baby Shower Bingo Printable Cards for a Boy Baby Shower! What a perfect baby shower activity!

Strawberry Brownie Kebabs

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs I Drizzle melting chocolate over a skewer of warm brownies, strawberries and marshmallows for a decadent Valentine's dessert.

Candy Kebabs | 31 Foods On A Stick That Are Borderline Genius

Candy kabob - cute twist on party favors - wrap them up all cute. Great idea for kids sleep over/movie night.

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Free Printable Baby Shower Games #BabyShower http://www.momsandmunchkins.ca/2014/01/25/free-printable-baby-shower-games/

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

These Free Printable Baby Shower Games have something for everyone! Whether you want a quiet game or an interactive game, there are lots of links here to free printables.

Hand оvеr thе beer filled bottles tо аll thе men аnd thеn set thе timer tо zero. Start thе count wіth help оf thе timer аnd thе guy whо finishes drinking thе beer first wins thе game

Co-ed Baby Shower Ideas

Games - Bottle Chugging I don't know if this is the crowd for this, but sounds fun to me. Fill baby bottles with your drink of choice. Make it a bit more fun for non-pregnant guests by adding some booze, then have guests race to chug them down.

Baby Shower Game: B is for: BELLY How big is mama's baby belly? Cut the piece of yarn to the length of your guess, then measure it around the mama to see how close you are!

10+ Fun Baby Shower Games

Measure Mom’s Belly - I think a quick & easy way to do this game is to measure moms belly before the shower & have guests guess how many inches is the belly. The person closes to the right answer wins! No hassle with the string!

The my water broke baby shower game will sure break the ice at your upcoming baby shower celebration! Guests will be taken by surprise when you let them know about the little one in their favorite beverage! Prior to the shower, place a baby in each cube slot and make ice. During the shower, serve refreshments with the special ice. The guest that has their baby break free first is the winner!

Cute Shower Game Idea- Fill ice cube tray with water and plastic babies. Give each guest a cup with 1 cube. the first one to have their baby melt out of the ice yells "My water broke" and is deemed the winner.

Tinkle in the Pot: BEST baby shower game ever! Reminiscent of the constant need to empty your bladder during pregnancy, each player must put a balloon under their belly while holding a ping pong ball between their knees. The player must waddle down the line and drop the ping-pong ball into a canning/mason jar. We learned its hard to keep the ball from bouncing out so we used ballons to keep it in the jar.

"Tinkle in the Pot" baby shower game. we did this at my best freinds babyshower a few years ago except we used a quarter and they had a balloon under their shirt. we were all in tears laughn. this is the ping pong ball game

Name that poopy diaper! Melt different candy bars and put them in the diapers. Guests can smell touch and taste to figure out what it is!!

Baby Shower Games

BEST Baby Shower Game Ever! This is a game that we play at EVERY baby shower I ever have! Baby Shower Games - this is hilarious to play at showers! You simply melt different candy bars in the diapers! Only 1 candy bar per diaper!

Stick a basketball under your shirt so you can experience what the mommy has been.  Then try to drop paperclips in a jar.  Funny!!!!

Game idea: Birds and Soap, Soap and Birds: "She's About to Pop!" Baby shower game - balloon under there shirts, and hold a ping pong ball in between their knees, and waddle over to a jar that they have to drop it into.

Baby shower games  waterfireviews.com

Fun and easy baby shower games! As guests arrive, hand them a necklace and explain to them the object of the game is to collect the most necklaces. Tell them they can't say the word "baby" or whoever hears them can take their necklace, and vice versa.

Maybe change the questions to do for Mutual - change the 'mom & dad' to be Bishop & his wife, or the YM President & the YW President?

fun idea for a Baby Shower game! Mom or Dad? Ask questions and guests guess if it's about mom or dad by holding lips or a mustache to their face. Don't like the mustache our lips, but cute idea.