Conch totem - Represents speech and intentions to uphold truths and beliefs. Teachers the awakening of the heart and to love along with sacred ceremonial religious practice. It's internal flame gives structure for enhancing power, authority and special sovereignty for effective spiritual evolution. Beginning something new has great potential. Conch will show you how to play your true song and find inner peace.

Conch totem - Represents speech & intentions to uphold truth & beliefs. Beginning something new has great potential. (my thought: play your true song from the depths of your heart's inner peace.

Seashells:  the colors are fabulous together

Assortment of sea shells. These shells are formed by molluscs for protection. The starfish at upper right is the exception, being an echinoderm.

Beautiful shells

Tangkahan "the hidden paradise" North Sumatra Conch shells on Anna Maria Island

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