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    Water Towers & Weathervanes

    Water Towers & Weathervanes

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    My dream home would have a different one of these adorable weather vanes on each pinnacle!

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    Girl with Umbrella Weathervane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This copper Girl with an Umbrella handcrafted Weather Vane features Brass and Gold accents.

    Girl with Umbrella Weathervane - Handcrafted In Copper

    Robin Weather Vane Feeding Chicks by West Coast Weather Vanes. This version of the weathervane features a baby chick on each directional. When it is placed outside and the wind blows, the mother robin "feeds" her baby chicks. The original idea of incorporating the directionals into an active design element of the turning weather vane, is an original design concept by West Coast Weather Vanes.

    Robin Feeding Chicks Weathervane - Handcrafted Of Copper

    Airplane Weathervane...>>>>HAVE FRIENDS IN ARIZONA? Tell them we’d love them to visit our restaurant, the LEFT SEAT WEST, an AVIATION THEMED RESTAURANT in Glendale, Arizona! Check out our Facebook page!

    Garden Art | LandscapeAdvisor

    VTech Weathervanes : Vinyl Impression Weather Vanes

    VTech Weathervanes : Vinyl Impression Weather Vanes

    Hot Air Balloon Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This handcrafted custom made hot air balloon weathervane can be made using a variety of metals and optional gold or palladium leafing.

    Hot Air Balloon Weathervane With Optional Personalization

    Copper Seahorse Weathervane

    Copper Seahorse Weathervane

    Standard People Weathervanes Archive

    Standard People Weathervanes Archive

    Dragon Weather Vane Fire Breathing Dragon by West Coast Weather Vanes. The flames featured in this particular weathervane are made of alternating sheets of copper and brass and the horns, teeth, talons and spines have been optionally gilded with 23-carat gold leaf.

    Fire Breathing Dragon Weathervane - Handmade Of Copper

    Rooster Weather Vane, Phoenix Bantam by West Coast Weather Vanes. Our Phoenix Bantam rooster weathervane was originally commissioned by a customer who raises Onagadori type long tail chickens. This weathervane was to go atop her “Banty Barn”.

    Birds Archives - West Coast Weathervanes

    Mermaid with Wavy Tail Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. Much like Sirens, mermaids in stories would sometimes sing to sailors and enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing them to walk off the deck or cause shipwrecks.

    Mermaid with Wavy Tail Weathervane - Optional Gold Detail

    Cherub-Stars-weathervane-photo, designed and hand made by West Coast Weather Vanes, Santa Cruz, California

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    Giraffe Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. Our Giraffe weathervane is truly one of our most spectacular weathervanes. The price includes all the gold leafing necessary to show off its distinctive contrasting markings. When made in the Small size (1-foot sculpture piece), the markings are, of necessity, somewhat simplified but when made in the medium, large or extra-large sizes, are very detailed.

    Giraffe Weathervane - Optional Gold Leafing

    Pet Weathervanes. 1016_threecats.jpg. Weathervanes, also known as wind vanes ...

    April 2007 - Super Cool Pets

    American Flag Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This handcrafted custom made flag weathervane has optional gold leaf accents on the flag with a copper background.

    American Flag Weathervane - Handcrafted Copper Weathervane

    Double Oak Leaf Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This handcrafted oak leaf weathervane was custom made gilding the veining in the leaves and the acorns.

    Double Oak Leaf Weathervane - Optional Gold Leafing

    Hot Air Balloon Weather Vane, Triple Balloon by West Coast Weather Vanes. This handcrafted triple hot air balloon weathervane is custom made personalizing the balloon's design to reflect the customer's wishes. We can use, palladium, copper, brass or optional gold leaf to enhance the individual design.

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    Fairy Weathervane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This magical Fairy Weather vane has beautifully designed wings as does the small butterfly on her hand. www.westcoastweat...

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    I would absolutely love to have a darling fox weather vane like this someday. A fox on top of the hen house lol!

    Classy Girls Wear Pearls

    Chanticleer Rooster weather vane - west coast weather vanes

    Chanticleer Rooster With Head Facing Forward Weathervane - Copper

    MOON GODDESS WEATHERVANE by West Coast Weather Vanes. The Moon Goddess is our first weathervane design that featured the human figure. She remains one of our most popular weather vanes today. We make each weathervane to order, so we can personalize the weathervane in several ways according to individual customer preferences.

    Moon Goddess Sitting Weathervane - Optional Gold Leaf

    Circa: c. 1880 Cast Iron Horse Weathervane Att. to the Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire

    Cast Iron Horse Weathervane (SOLD) | Olde Hope Antiques

    Rooster weathervane Attributred to Rochester Ironworks Gilmanton, New Hampshire, circa 1880-1900 Cast iron body, silhouetted sheet iron tail, original paint history, 311/2 x 34 inches

    Items in North Bayshore Antiques store on eBay!

    Carousel Horse Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This Carousel horse weathervane can be made as an all copper weathervane or with optional gold or palladium leafing.

    Carousel Horse Weathervane - Deluxe Weathervane

    ilded Molded Copper Touring Car with Driver Weather Vane, Auctioned for $941,000

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