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1950s fashion models

1950s fashion models

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Ancient Antonius, via Flickr.

Antonius by flipsockgrrl, via Flickr


Dionysius by Nick in exsilio, via Flickr

Antinous by Nick in exsilio, via Flickr


Statue of a wounded Galatian, Lesser Attalid, Pergamon School, Hellenistic period, Greco-Roman copies « Bradpsculptor's Blog

Achilles binding the wounds of his friend Patroclos,

Ancient Greek ruins

Greek Ruins

Greek ruins in Macedonia

Greek temple ruins, Italy

greek ruins at Efes

Roamed greek ruins in Delphi, Greece

Ancient Greek ruins of Telmessos

Greek Ruins and the Moon, a beautiful Moon!!

Caesarea Ampitheatre, amazing ruins from King Herrod.

The library of Celsus at the Greek and Roman ruins of Ephesus, Selcuk, Turkey

Sevastopol, Ukraine "Greek Ruins"

ancient greek ruins

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