1001 Juegos

1001 Juegos

Spain / Un mundo de juegos: arte, diseño, ilustraciones, rarezas, caprichos, curiosidades
1001 Juegos
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107.3308: Game of Tik-Tok | board game | Board Games | Games | National Museum of Play Online Collections | The Strong

Players each have their own playing board in McLoughlin's 1892 game "Tik-Tok." Rolls of the dice advance their places and the first to make it back to his starting point wins the game.

19th Century Landscape Parcheesi Gameboard

Painted parcheesi gameboard, c., with central county landscape and star corners, the reverse with red and black checkerboard, x 21 Provenance: Collection of Lorena and Herb Ader.

Mini 8 Ball

Pinball I was given a full size pinball machine for my Christmas gift when I was in elementary and I still have it to this day.


Although pinball machines have given way to more modern video games, there is a growing niche of pinball purists out there who still love to play the silver ball.