So awesome for Her Highness!  Dump them out and fold back into the wall while traveling.

Built-in food dishes. No more doggie bowls to move around when sweeping/mopping. I would make these cat food bowls so Bianca can't spill her food in the water

Been saving baby food jars to do something just like cool! But I also am going to do this with the Heritage collection of Aqua glass mason jars!

Mason Jar Chandelier Lighting Mason Jar Lights Autumn Nights Sparkling Pendants - Eco Friendly Wedding Swag - Original BootsNGus Design by velma

Altoid tin Drawer Organization plus 15 other organization tips

Altoids mints come in metal tins. When mints are gone use tins for storage of small items. Make label for the end of tin. Store across the front end of desk drawer. Good idea for office or teachers. Great idea when I become a teacher!

Efficient space use for the pooches and kitties.

Dog Kennel Modifications (if you have small dogs and if you can give up the storage space) great idea for little pups in rv

Vintage trailer space saving solutions Such a good idea! Love this <3

In my previous post I mentioned that I purchased one of these Cook’s 3 in 1 Breakfast Center’s. While these are relatively small, my kitchen counter space in the Shasta Compact is small…