Pineapple Easy Slicer $19.95

Pineapple Easy Slicer from Williams-Sonoma. Love and want this. Fresh pineapple is heavenly. Canned pineapple is just.

This would be great!

Split Decision Pie Pan - Always arguing over family holidays with which pie to make everyone for dessert? Argue no more with the Split Decision Pie Pan, and make both of them! Peach and Cherry, Apple and Pumpkin: everyone will be happy!

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster at Sur La Table

Feel the ethereal taste of roasted garlic melt in your mouth once you have them properly treated with this Cast Iron Garlic Roaster. The roasted garlic is

State Shaped Cutting Boards

A great add to a kitchen gift basket! Idea:The couple's home state or where they first met? [aheirloom's texas state shaped cutting board by AHeirloom]

Hopside Down Glass

The Upside Down Beer Bottle Glass is a hand-blown precisely crafted, durable borosilicate glass. It offers a totally different method for you to drink your favourite beer. This unique glass is a normal glass but has an interior shaped like a bottle neck.