Floating canopy: the balloons are attached to the ground with fishing line, probably the coolest thing ever.

David Levene takes a look around the Venice Architecture Biennale

BEST IDEA EVER! Floating canopy: the balloons are attached to the ground with fishing line, probably the coolest thing ever. (and it doesn't have to be for a wedding, could do for an outdoor birthday party)

this is soooo cute for gender reveal pics! have the doctor put the paint color in a plain white bottle and have a paint war and a photoshoot!

gender reveal pics - have the doctor put the paint color in a plain white bottle and have a paint war and a photoshoot! Even if its not to reveal the gender of a baby a paint war sounds like fun!

to "ignore" is not an option

If Ryan Gosling could be sitting with me and encouraging me throughout nursing school. Well, I was gonna say that I'd do great. But in reality, I'd be doing absolutely nothing but him :) SEXY white boy!

Yay humanity :)

16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness…

Funny pictures about 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness. Oh, and cool pics about 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness. Also, 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness.


Hate is a very strong word. So I don't hate people, I just really really dislike a lot. Therefore choose to stay away from them!

Childhood is fleeting, so let's make sure its fun while it lasts. -- Someone please make sure I do this. This is just too wonderful.

Help kids NOT lose their sense of imagination. Dinosaurs come to life while the kids sleep. Great option for creativity throughout the year (not just Elf on the Shelf)


This little boy is soooo sweet. Most little boys would rather die then get a pink cast. We all need the support that he has. Rock on, young one. We are proud of you! Not all males are corrupted and see girls as worthless

Furniture upcycled into kids kitchen

DIY Christmas Gift Idea ~ Old TV stand made into a cute Play Kitchen. Norie needs a play workbench more than a kitchen, but you get the idea. Oh, and please, for the love of god, not hot pink.

Gender Announcement :: Gender Reveal :: It's a Girl!     #pregnancy #genderannouncement

Ally Jean: {Divine Design} 3 DIY Gender Reveal Ideas, or this britt:))

Hollywood, 1953. "Actress Marilyn Monroe at home." 35mm color transparency by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Life magazine image archive

Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe - Really want to own/read!

More ideas

Faith in humanity restored. I love little kids cause they tell you how they really feel and they are so sweet

I was totally born in the wrong decade... where are all the guys that look like this?!?!

Elvis - THE King of Rock & Roll - and a Southern boy who loved his Mama.

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n' Roll, Memphis's main man & a hunka' hunka' burning love.yes, he was a "pretty boy"

Elvis Presley- Elvis Aaron Presley was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the century, he is often referred to as "the King of Rock and Roll", or simply, "the King".

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Elvis had tons of photo 'ops' during his Army service.Life Mag and other big circulating magazines as well as the movie mags all wanted photos and info on what life was like for Elvis in the army. My sis and I were glued to every detail!

Super cute

"Have your doctor write down if it's a boy or girl and put it in an envelope. Take the envelope to a clothing store and pick one boy and one girl outfit. Tell the cashier to look inside the envelope and wrap the corresponding outfit. Open around family

Faith in Humanity: This is awesomely cute. The little boy goes into surgery and wants his stuffed wolf to be fixed too. The parents say no, but the doctor sutured him up too.

Elvis!  Definition of Charisma!  Saw him in concert twice.  He shook "held" my hand...wrapped it in an ace bandage for a day.     :-)

Elvis Presley

Visit Graceland and celebrate Elvis Aaron Presley week August The King of Rock and Roll. Listen to some of Elvis's songs, Jailhouse rock, My Way, Crying in the Ghetto and many more.

Sibling Gender Reveal: Playdough starts out white and turns blue or pink as you play with it! Amazing idea!

Gender Reveal Sibling Reveal Baby Shower Favor by LoveBubs on Etsy Starts out white & turns pink or blue as you play with it.

Love this!

Wedding 23 Creative Ways To Tell The World You're Having A Baby. chalkboard Short lace wedding dress summer beach wedding by Lemonwed.

Pregnancy announcement

They made big puzzles out of this picture and gave it to their family members to open on Christmas morning. The most awesome birth announcement idea, or other announcement kid boy girl Baby kid