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マスキングテープでウォールデコ 鹿の作り方 : こどものにわ

マスキングテープでウォールデコ 鹿の作り方 : こどものにわ

Movie Photos: Retro Concept World Grand Prix Poster - Japan. ゥ2011 Disney姫ixar. All Rights Reserved.

I saw the posters for Cars 2 at the Disney Store and was thoroughly impressed by the design. The 15 minutes I saw of the first movie still left me too underwhelmed to bother with SEEING Cars but still.

Anyone who knows the 'Great Wave' by Katsushika Hokusai will appreciate this. What Panasonic has to do with it beats me.

Panasonic’s new advertisement for their new line of refrigerators with new technology vegetable crispers uses the famous Kanagawa wave by Hokusai Katsushika rendered in vegetables.